Licensed Moroccan Female Tour Guide Since 2018.

CHAMA OUAMMI: I Was born and grew up in the high atlas mountains of Morocco (happy valley).

I'm licensed official Female Tour Guide in Morocco Since 2018, i am the youngest female guide in my region. I lead different tours around Morocco like cycling tours, city tours ,rural tours, trekking tours, family tours and so on.... with races from different parts of the world.

Getting this job was not easy, because some people think that it is a profession for men only and it is difficult for women to do it. This is the society's view of the female guides, especially the rural girl, whose place is marriage, raising her children and doing housework... But I am against all this talk and these negative views, I am fortunate that my parents are always with me and agree with me and support me in all my decision.

What made me choose this job?

I like to meet women from other countries and share with them my culture and the traditions of Morocco... Traveling and meeting new Women from different parts of the world is my passion... In addition, I chose it to challenge society's bad view of this field, so that the world would know that a girl is just like a man or better than him. And show the world that women are strong and can work in this profession and succeed in it.

One of the aspects I like the most about being a tour leader is that I get to work with women from all sorts of cultural and social backgrounds. Seeing that it's possible to make things work and give Women a great holiday despite all our differences is really great and I love the friends I have gotten around the world through the job.

Women's cooperatives in Morocco are necessary for rural women, as they help them to realize themselves and to refine their talents, whether in the remoteness of the pillars or the local fabric...and also getting money for them and their family to live with, as it is a job for them. These cooperatives help women a lot. When the woman goes to the cooperative, she feels a kind of freedom outside the home and housework. Women connecting with women. This is the beauty of travel.

I have travelled a lot around Morocco. I can tell you what makes this place so unique and special compared to other countries and cultures.

I am passionate about traveling, understands why you travel, and understands what it's like to be on vacation and will do everything in my power to ensure you're having the best trip ever. It's an honor to be one of the ambassador's of this beautiful country.


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